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This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Trynna contain the feels you’re catching like …

How I feel


Eruri AU where Levi is a businessman who tries to get Erwin to work for him, who, prefers to have a simple life with his dog Billy. And idea by cafe-mediano

Erwin obviously needs a suit.


More from our business!au eruri.
Prompt was Erwin wearing a black shirt of sex, picking up his boyfriend from the office. Also introducing Erwin’s dog Ernst Ludwig Wilhelm von Bismarck, or simply Billy.
Levi doesn’t like Billy, Billy doesn’t like Levi. Everything is perfect.

PS: Couldn’t be bothered to paint a proper background so I just picked a premade one from Manga Studio xD I’m a cheater.

I love you you can do this! Gambattene~!


I love you, too, thank you! <3


Artist: 落音 | Pixiv Id: 46176191 (x)
with written permission from the artist to repost(x)
※ Please do not repost without written permission.




love these to death


Lucian Bee’s ROMANXIA WORLD TOUR 2010 in Yokohama

Kaji Yuki’s confessional session!

Kaji Yuki: Within this whole wide world, the number one most important thing to me is you. Being together with you, I can forget about the time. Everything is towards your beloved existence. Forever…Let us forever be together, ok? I love you. (kiss)


Recently, such a delusion can not stop.

Top 5 eruri moments!


  1. the first and every eye fuck after:image
  2. Anytime Erwin tells Levi to obey him:image
  3. When Levi grumps at anyone bothering Erwin:image
  4. The boyfriend jacket:image
  5. Levi pondering Erwin’s constipation:image

(I would’ve included height difference and blind trust, but I couldn’t find perfect official images to illustrate)