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Have you got something angst for the upcoming SNK chapter 61?



not at all~I’m eagerly awaiting the whole-pages’ Erwin in 61~~~Actually,I think he will not die until the end of the story. 

I don’t think he will die.

Love this answer!


This photoset… Lawd Jesus it’s a fire.

And I kinda see where fans want us to go next in our photoshoots… ;)

"Results may varies."


Erwin by myself
Levi by katyuna


My banner for the “Silver Wedding” Eruri event in Korea!

(Kidchan was nice enough to take a pic of it hanging up!)



Erwin:Are you wearing my jacket?
Levi:It has your scent.
Erwin:I thought you didn’t like how bad I smell sometimes.
Levi:It’s the smell I miss the most.
Erwin:Do you think you’ll manage?
Levi:Four-eyes will do fine. I catch her cry at times. But she’s a strong commander.
Erwin:But will you manage?
Levi:… The storm is near.
Erwin:I will protect you from the rain, but the thunder… You’ll have to deal with that one by yourself.
Levi:It’s alright - I fear the rain.
Erwin:I will wait for you.
Levi:You better… You stupid old man.

Working on this photo caught me crying for a little bit.

3DMG: Plameni DarkArmoury and Stefan Vujcic.



Liz Climo on Tumblr.

this really cheered me up


legend has it you could still hear the sound of nile screaming and shitting for weeks after.