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based on polish erotic poem, “Among the thicket of the raspberry”. 


SCC新刊サンプルとノベルティ② | murmur@5/4西M16a [pixiv]

What about, instead of making Eren chose between his family or Levi, Grisha sent him into an institution to cure his homosexuality. Consequently, both of them were separated and unable to contact each other.


That is actually a really good idea! I really like it :D 

Levi waited for Eren return. When he returned, it was a different Eren. Though, Eren still loved him, Levi noticed that there was something twisted about Eren’s personality. Yet, Levi still love him.


It had been rough for Petra the last few days. She also had an appointment with the hospital for an check up. Levi drove her to the hospital. He was quite restless about this. She was complaining about pain in her stomach. He held her hand as they entered the hospital.

"I’m here." He whispered softly. After a few minutes they could enter the doctor his office. They checked her name and it looked like Levi’s world collapsed.

Cancer. He looked at the pale face of his wife as the doctor told them it was hard to cure it. His heart sunk to his feet and couldn’t believe it. It looked like the world stopped spinning. After their appointment he left quietly with Petra. When he opened the car door for his wife she broke down into tears. He held her and stroked her hair. He as well had difficulties with accepting it.

When they got home he tucked her into bed and kissed her forehead. “Rest.” He whispered.

He closed the door behind him as he stared at the ground. ‘Eren…’ He realized he could give her more stress. With an heavy heart he went back to his car. He drove to the mental hospital again.

"I want to see Jaeger." He spoke with a cold tone. He usually didn’t use his last name, but for now he had to. He explained Eren’s therapist. He had to cut ties with him and the therapist understood why. It would also be better for Eren’s mental health if they cut ties. The therapist joined the conversation, just in case Eren would have some kind of attack.

The therapist brought Levi to Eren.

Eren was reading in the library when a staff came to inform him that he had a visitor. He didn’t need to be told who the visitor was; He knew it already. He was overjoyed with emotions.

But he noticed a few things. It was two days earlier.Levi wanted to see him  in his therapist room. Probably, his therapist would be present. Last time, Levi came to see him in the garden and demanded to see him in private.

Eren dropped the book to the floor. He realized his hands were trembling. His heart beat faster. His breath turned short and rapid. He felt as if something had stabbed him on the chest. Yet,  he clenched his fist and forced himself to stand up. 

"I’ll see him." He said to the staff. 

But he barely walked five steps when everything turned black.